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Acceptable and Unacceptable Trash Materials

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Residential solid waste is combined garbage and trash generated by residents. We accept the following types of items as regular household trash:

  • Food waste and packaging (some packaging can be recycled)
  • Small appliances, toys and tools (donate re-usable items to charitable organizations)
  • Rubbish associated with normal home maintenance
  • Small automobile parts that can be bagged, such as spark plugs, brake shoes and shock absorbers
  • Building materials bundled with twine or wire, including wood and wood products, plaster or wallboard
  • Boxes of shingles, empty paint cans and similar small items generated during routine maintenance and minor home repair

The following items require special preparation:

  • Animal and human excrement: Must be double bagged (a bag within a bag).
  • Sharp items: For the protection of sanitation crews, broken glass, needles and other sharp objects must be clearly labeled and wrapped in layers of paper or placed in a separate container.
  • Hypodermic syringes should be clearly labeled and placed in a hard plastic container.
  • Liquids: Trash must not contain liquids. Pour liquids such as soft drinks, water and juice down the drain.

There are some items that the City cannot collect as part of regular weekly trash collection. These items are listed with the suggested disposal alternative.

Unacceptable Alternative
Items weighing more than 40 pounds
Bulky item collection
Items longer than four feet in length
Cut in four-foot lengths or bulky item collection
Large quantities of construction debris (more than 500 pounds)
Call a private waste management company
Non-hazardous liquids
Pour down the drain
Hazardous materials – hazmat
Household Hazardous Waste Program
Car batteries
Household Hazardous Waste Program
Ripple Glass Recycling
Waste tires
Waste Tire Drop-off Program
Yard waste, including grass and other clippings, leaves and brush
Set up backyard composting or arrange private service or Leaf and Brush Drop-off Program