Nonconforming Lots- Proposed Code Changes

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The city is considering an ordinance to encourage infill development in support of citywide housing policy improvements. Join us to learn more about proposed changes to how the city approves nonconforming lots. The purpose of the changes are to enable infill development within the city, particularly on vacant lots within the urban core where transportation and utility services are available.

What are nonconforming lots?

A nonconforming lot is a lawfully created lot, shown on a plat or survey map recorded in the appropriate recorder of deeds office, that does not comply with the most restrictive minimum lot area or lot width standards of the zoning district in which the lot is now located.  

Not sure what this means? We'll explain and get your feedback at an upcoming meeting detailed below. We will also post our meeting presentation materials here soon.

Public Meetings

Join us at one of the following:

Public Meeting Materials

Staff Presentation on Nonconforming Lots

Council Public Hearing

There will be an opportunity for public testimony before City Council when the ordinance is heard by the Neighborhood Planning and Development Committee on September 18th at 1:30 p.m. The ordinance will then need full council approval before adoption. 

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