Complete Streets: Safe Access for All

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The Complete Streets ordinance passed in December 2017 sets guidelines to ensure that everyone—pedestrians, bicyclists, wheelchair users, motorists, and people who rely on public transit—are able to safely use Kansas City streets, regardless of their age or abilities. Complete Streets promotes multi-modal access of roadways and sidewalks to ensure:

  • Easy access to employment and activity centers for people with limited mobility or access to a car
  • Sidewalks and bicycle paths are included in capital road projects and new development
  • Environmental impact of the City’s transportation system is minimized

Improvements are already underway citywide. Learn more about how sidewalks and bicycle infrastructure are being improved: 

Looking for more?  Read the Complete Streets Ordinance. 

Complete Streets Ordinance

“Complete Streets codifies our mission to provide equitable multi-modal access to all roadway users. It was a collaborative effort to put together this comprehensive policy and we are thankful for support from our partner city departments, City Council, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and community advocates” – Public Works Director Sherri McIntyre.

“The Complete Streets Ordinance will shape Kansas City’s growth so our future city is a healthier, safer and more connected place for everyone… This couldn’t have happened without the collaborative effort between our citizen advocates and city staff. I’m very thankful to them and proud to have been a part of that process.” – Councilwoman Jolie Justus.

Complete Streets Ordinance