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On Street Parking

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On street parking (within the Streetcar TDD in downtown KCMO) is enforced by ParkSmartKC. Please be aware of the posted time regulations or meters located adjacent to on-street spots.

To park on street in downtown KCMO, download the ParkSmartKC app or visit the ParkSmartKC web page for more info. 

Parking Policy Review Board 

The Parking Policy Review Board is an advisory committee to the Parking and Transportation Commission. The Board is designed to provide community input in addressing parking and transportation issues in within the areas bounded by the Missouri River on the north, Woodland Avenue on the east, 31st Street on the south, and State Line Road on the west. The Board is charged with studying and making recommendations for addressing parking needs related to on street parking, including but not limited to the enforcement of on-street parking regulations, within the Greater Downtown Area. The Board consists of seven (7) members:
  • A representative from the Downtown Council
  • A representative from the Crossroads Community Association
  • A representative from the River Market Community Association
  • A representative from the 18th & Vine Historic Jazz District
  • A representative from the Downtown Neighborhood Association
  • A representative from the Historic West Bottoms Association
  • A representative appointed by the Mayor who shall not reside in, be employed in, or own property within the Greater Downtown Area

The term of service for each member who also serves on the Commission shall coincide with their membership on the Parking & Transportation Commission, which is two-year terms. In addition to the seven regular members of the Board, there are three alternate members each of which are a representative from one of the neighborhood organizations.  Alternates serve 1 year terms.  Alternates serve in the absence of regular members.

On-Street Parking System Improvements – The Board is presently concentrating on the on-street parking system and the effectiveness of on-street parking management programs. Effective management of on-street parking is a challenge that many cities struggle with as there are often conflicts between various user groups, limited resources and outdated technology. The highest and best use for on-street parking is to serve short-term parking needs and to promote the turnover of spaces.  The Board is considering the following initiatives and improvements:

  • Continued review and implementation of the KCMO Operational Parking Assessment.
  • Provide additional citizen input tools. In addition to printed forms, petitioners can use an online form to request changes to parking regulations.
  • Reduce and Standardize Time Limits to 2 Hours – Based on utilization and occupancy data as well as best practices and benchmarks which will promote turnover and will simplify parking regulations
  • Post Time-Limits in Unregulated Zones – Posting time-limits in these areas will promote the balance of parking demand between on-street and off-street facilities and will make more short-term parking available to customers of downtown businesses
  • Improving Meter Technology – Technology enhancements will allow for multiple payment options including credit/debit cards and cell phone payments which enhance the customer experience
  • Improve Parking Enforcement – Support fair and consistent parking enforcement which will encourage turnover of spaces and enhance security for customers and businesses throughout Downtown
  • Develop Scofflaws, Collections and Adjudication Process – Develop scofflaw procedures to reduce the habitual parking offender, implementing a collection program that will improve both collections and customer service and establish an adjudication or administrative review process that will alleviate the burden on the Courts
  • Parking Signage and Wayfinding Enhancements – Develop a system that will provide direction to various venues and attractions within the Downtown area

Community and stakeholder input will ensure that parking issues are addressed in a manner that will benefit the community and contribute to the continued growth of the City.