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River Market Parking

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Staff from the Public Works and Planning departments are working with community members to examine the parking needs of the River Market. In late 2016, Smart Growth America lead a free workshop funded by a Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities grant from the EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities. 

The City’s overall goal is to improve effectiveness of parking management and ensure that municipal parking resources are used in a manner that support public parking, public transit, multi-modal transportation and River Market economic growth and development.

City’s current status in response to memo from audit representatives (last updated 12/1/18):

  • Paid Parking in Public Surface Lots: Effective March 1st 2018, the city implemented paid parking in off-street public parking lots managed by the City Market. The lots are paid parking M-F from 7 a.m to 6 p.m. at a rate of $1 an hour. The time limit in the City Market Square lot will be reduced from a 3-hour to a 2-hour limit (free) and enforced with ticketing and towing. The addition of paid parking at the 3rd and Grand lot is effective as of March 4, 2019.
  • River Market Meters: The City’s parking meter demonstration began in September 2017. The River Market installed smart parking meters on-street around the neighborhood (as indicated in the map below).  The city gathered feedback from the public and chose the parking vendor IPS for permanent meter installations.  River Market meters are located along the perimeter of the City Market, adjacent to city-owned property- from Grand Boulevard to 5th Street and from Main to 3rd Street.  The pay rate is $1 an hour- with a 2 hour maximum. See the map below for meter locations.



  • Parking Enforcement: The City has an agreement with the Kansas City Missouri Police Department to increase enforcement in the downtown streetcar TDD. KCPD deployed additional Parking Control Officers in Spring 2018. If you see a parking violation, you can call the KCPD non-emergency line at 816-234-5111.
  • Parking Data Analytics: The City is moving forward with a planned parking data analytic platform. The procurement process will be wrapped into “smart city” efforts within the city’s Office of Innovation. We will be looking for a company that can help us develop a data analytics platform for both internal tracking and external services such as real time parking availability, etc.


If you have questions of feedback about any of the changes underway, please call Bruce Campbell, parking manager, at 816-513-2819.