Emergency Snow Routes

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Note: Emergency routes do not exist north of the river, as no parking is allowed on arterial streets at any time north of the river.

Snow Route Begins Ends
Admiral Blvd Grand Avenue The Paseo
Armour Blvd Broadway The Paseo
Baltimore 9th Street Truman Road
Belleview Avenue 43rd Street Ward Parkway
Broadway 6th Street 43rd Street
Brush Creek Main Street Rockhill Road
Central Street 9th Street 14th Street
Gillham Road 22nd Street 31st Street
Gillham Road 34th Street Brush Creek Blvd
Gillham Plaza 31st Street 34th Street
Grand Avenue 6th Street Main Street
Hardesty Avenue Independence Avenue Van Brunt Blvd
Holmes Street 8th Street 27th Street
Holmes Road Rockhill Road 81st Street
Independence Avenue Charlotte Street Highland Avenue
Independence Avenue Benton Blvd Ewing Avenue
Independence Avenue Highland Avenue Benton Blvd
J. C. Nichols Pkwy 43rd Street Ward Parkway
Linwood Blvd Broadway Prospect Avenue
Locust Street Admiral Blvd Truman Road
Madison Avenue 43rd Street 47th Street
Main Street 6th Street 49th Street
May Street 6th Street 9th Street
McGee Street 8th Street Truman Road
Oak Street 8th Street 22nd Street
The Paseo Independence Avenue Swope Parkway
Pennsylvania Avenue 9th Street 13th Street
Prospect Avenue I-70 Hickman Mills Dr.
Roanoke Parkway 47th Street Ward Parkway
Rockhill Road 45th Street Holmes Road
Southwest Trafficway 31st Street 39th Street
Troost Avenue 9th Street 77th Street
Truman Road Baltimore Ave. Winchester Ave.
Washington Street 10th Street 14th Street
Wyandotte Street 9th Street 14th Street
7th Street Broadway Grand Avenue
8th Street Broadway Charlotte Street
9th Street Broadway The Paseo
10th Street Broadway The Paseo
11th Street Broadway The Paseo
12th Street I-29 Charlotte Street
18th Street Main Street Prospect Ave.
19th Street Southwest Blvd. Troost Ave.
20th Street Southwest Blvd. McGee Street
23rd Street Indiana Topping
26th Street West Pennway Broadway
27th Street Gillham Road Jackson Avenue
31st Street Broadway Prospect Avenue
39th Street State Line Prospect Avenue
47th Street Roanoke Parkway Main Street
47th Street Rockhill Road The Paseo
63rd Street The Paseo Wornall Road