Street Preservation Program

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Program description:

Each year the Street Preservation Section resurfaces streets throughout the City. This activity starts in late spring and is completed by late fall. We are currently wrapping up the 2019-2020 resurfacing season and finalizing the 2020-2021 resurfacing list.

The 2020 resurfacing season will begin in late summer 2020 with three contract boundaries and a fourth microsurfacing contract:

  1. Northern city limits to the Missouri River
  2. Missouri River to 63rd St. 
  3. 63rd St. to the southern city limits
  4. Microsurfacing: citywide 

The 2020-2021 budget for street preservation is $17 million. This includes $500,000 for maintenance of Parks roadways and $500,000 for Complete Streets activities.

What is being resurfaced in 2020?*

The current map of streets to be resurfaced in 2020 is available to view on the City's Parcel Viewer.
  • Once you have opened the parcel viewer, click the "Projects" pull-down map
  • Place a check mark next to Street Resurfacing
  • Click Projects again to minimize the projects menu
  • Streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2020 will be marked in light gray
  • Dark gray lines identify streets that have been resurfaced during the 2020 resurfacing season
  • This map is regularly updated as progress is made on the resurfacing list

*This is the initial program list and subject to change based on City Council priorities and available funding.

Parcel viewer map image

Weekly Resurfacing Schedule* 

*The schedule may vary depending on weather conditions and contractor mobilization. 

2019-2020 resurfacing work is winding down. There is currently no work scheduled for the week of June 14, 2020 to June 20, 2020.  

Data used for choosing streets:

Public Works uses a data driven approach, combined with decades of experience, engineering judgement, and industry best practice to determine the list of streets to resurface each year. Specifically, the following data informed the 2019 list:
  • Road conditions using OCI rating (Overall Condition Rating)
  • Maintenance needs
  • Travel demand like traffic volume and implications of detour routes if no repairs were made

Street Preservation OCI Rating System


This graphic shows the street condition rating system and the corresponding pavement activities suggested for each rating group. Each KCMO street segment has a particular rating in our asset management system, Cartegraph.

Additional coordination efforts:

Staff is currently coordinating the 2020 street resurfacing list with other activities, including:

Program contacts:

Maggie Green
Public Information Officer
Public Works Department
Phone: (816) 513-2612
Or contact the 311 Center