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Traffic Signs, Signals and Street Lights

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The Traffic Operations Section of the Public Works Department replaces and repairs signs such as stop and yield, speed limit, warning, parking regulation and street name signs. Essential signs are handled as emergencies and are usually replaced within 24 hours. These include stop, yield, do not enter, one way, detour and school crossings.

The Street and Traffic Division of the Public Works Department repairs most traffic signals on city streets. Some traffic signals at intersections of state highways and city streets are the responsibility of the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department, 816-622-6500.

Public Works Street and Traffic Division undertook a city-wide survey of four-lane roads to determine which roadways could benefit from a "road diet." An overview of the study is available below.

Road Diet Study Overview

A copy of the division's findings is available below:

Link to Division's Findings

Kansas City is an active participant in Operation Green Light, a regional initiative to use safe, efficient traffic signal operations to reduce travel time, fuel consumption and air pollution.

HAWK SIGNALS (or Hybrid Pedestrian Beacons)

A number of pedestrian areas throughout the city use hybrid pedestrian beacons to allow more efficient pedestrian traffic in higher-speed roadways. When driving around one of these beacons, please note the following pedestrian signal overview:

HAWK image

  • Flashing yellow begins- slow down
  • Solid yellow- prepare to stop
  • Solid red- stop and stay stopped
  • Flashing red traffic signal- stop, then proceed with caution if no one is present in the crosswalk
  • View the HAWK Signal "How-To" Video 

Street Light Outages or Damage

Depending on the location, the responsibility for repair of malfunctioning street lights located within the City of Kansas City, Mo., can be the responsibility of either the City or the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department. The City maintains most street lights on arterial, collector and residential streets with the exception of decorative units owned by private or neighborhood organizations.

You can assist the maintenance process by reporting the number marked on the street light pole and the nearest street address to the light along with a good description of the problem. Be certain to mention conditions where wires are down or exposed. Always stay clear of exposed wires, broken poles or tree limbs in contact with electrical systems.

Safety tip: At least 48 hours before digging anywhere near the perimeter of your property, where there may be underground street light wires or other types of utility service lines, always call 1-800-DIG-RITE. Owners of underground utility lines will locate and mark their facilities so that excavations can be performed safely and services not interrupted. It can be dangerous and costly not to utilize this service.

Public Works Department
Street Lighting Services
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