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Report potholes to 311

City crews have been working hard to keep up with Mother Nature.

Potholes have been a big problem this year. Multiple rounds of wet winter storms have caused five times as many potholes compared to last year’s milder winter. As of August 6, 2019, crews patched 13,857 of potholes requested through 311, with 2,408 open cases remaining for a total of 16,265 cases recorded in the 311 system.

Spring rains bring more challenges to fixing our streets—as the moisture seeps into the cracks new potholes form and old ones open up. But our crews will not let up until pothole season is over!

Residents should continue reporting potholes to 311 , so we know where they are located so that we can patch them as quickly as possible. We made a filter on Open Data KC to view pothole requests. Red is resolved and green is open. The map refreshes every 30 minutes.

On good weather days with full staffing we have eight to ten crews out on the streets patching potholes. These are the same workers who plow snow, so they’ve spent the past several months alternating between plowing and patching, working weekends and 12-hour shifts. And we would appreciate more help. Public Works currently has openings for maintenance workers and equipment operators, with additional openings in the Parks, Neighborhoods and Aviation departments. For more information or to apply, check

The Public Works Department is now testing a new technology called Thump Pads. When inspectors or other city staff see big potholes, they can throw the Thump Pad into the hole, and then report the pothole to our maintenance staff. The crew then removes the Thump Pad while filling the pothole. It’s designed to be a temporary fix, and the City is testing to see how it can fit into existing process so that drivers get a smoother ride sooner.

Please note that highways are managed by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). Report potholes on highways and exit ramps to MoDOT by calling 1-888-ASK MODOT (275-6636), or complete a form online.

If you’ve suffered property damage on City streets, you can file a claim for damages with the City.