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Compliance for the Energy Empowerment Ordinance requires owners of buildings 50,000 SQFT or greater located in the Kansas City, Missouri municipality to submit energy and water consumption to the City.

  • All information MUST BE ENTERED USING ENERGY STAR PORTFOLIO MANAGER. All other forms of submission will not be considered.
  • Once all information is entered into Portfolio Manager, it must be submitted using Submit Data or go to Step 6 for detailed instruction.

Steps for Compliance

(if you have previously complied and have an existing account, please skip to step 4c and proceed from there):

Step 1: Determine If/When Your Building Must Comply
Compliance Deadline  Type of Buildings  Building Size
 May 1st, 2016 and each May 1st thereafter  Municipal Exceeds 10,000 SQFT 
 May 1st, 2017 and each May 1st thereafter Institutional, Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily Exceeds 100,000 SQFT
 May 1st, 2018 and each May 1st thereafter Institutional, commercial, Industrial, Multifamily  Exceeds 50,000 SQFT
Please note that on or before each deadline, information collected should be from the previous calendar year ranging January 1- December 31. Every Single Day needs to be accounted for in this range thus not qualifying it as compliant for submittal. If this is your first time benchmarking, you will likely need 13 billing cycles to get the entire date accounted for.

While the May 1st deadline has passed, we are still collecting information spanning from January 1st 2018- December 31st 2018.

Step 2a: Gather Necessary Data

You will need to gather the following:

  • Energy (Gas, Electric and other utilities may apply too) and Water Information (see table below)
  • Building use Type, SQFT, Year Built.
  • Building operations data that varies based on the building use type.

Utility Contact Information

 Contact Information for Local Utility Companies
Access your electric consumption data from KCP&L through the AccountLink Advantage (ALA) program. If you are a building owner with tenants responsible for their electric bills, you may request whole building aggregate data at Please contact the KCP&L Business Center at 816-221-2323 with additional questions.
 Access your gas consumption data from Spire through the Customer Connection program, or call customer service at 800-582-1234. If you are the owner of a building with tenants responsible for their gas bills, the Customer Connection portal or customer service can assist you Whole Building Aggregate Data.
Access your water consumption data from KC Water Services through the portal, or  call customer service at 816-513-1313.
Access your steam and chilled water consumption data from Veolia Energy through customer service at 816-889-4900.

Step 2b: Getting Whole Building Aggregated Data (Multi-family/mult-tenant only)

***If you are not in a multi-tenanted situation or if you have access to the bills of all the tenants, this section does not apply to you. 

If there are multiple tenants in a building, KCPL offers whole building aggregated data through their BEAT program.

  • Email the information or questions to It will typically take 3-5 business days but may take longer depending on customer volume.
  • If there are less than 5 tenants, you will need signed waivers from each tenant. Please reach out to the Benchmarking Help Center if this is not possible.

While needed in less situations, SPIRE offers aggregated information. This can be obtained by contacting

Step 3: Create Portfolio Manager Account

All information must be entered into Energy Star Portfolio Manager

After going to the page determine if you already have an account, the City does not provide the account.

If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. Follow the steps below to create a new account:

  1. Login into Energy Star Portfolio Manager and click on Create a New AccountEnergy Star Portfolio Manager, Create New Account
  2. Fill out all the information requested.

    Usernames must be unique across the entire system. 

    Passwords must have a capital letter, lowercase letter, number and special character (!,&,$).

We recommend using conventional EPA units. After all information is entered, click I'm not a Robot and then Create My Account

Energy Star Portfolio Manager, New Account InfoEnergy Star Portfolio Manager, Not a Robot Filter


3. You will receive an email asking to confirm you account. If you do not receive it in 5 minutes, check your spam folder.

Step 4a: Add a Property

Once you have created an account, before you add any bills you will first need to create a property.

 Follow the steps below to create a property in Portfolio Manager:

  1. Make sure you are logged in to Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  2. You will be on the Home Page. you can back to this page from anywhere in the system by clicking on the Energy Star Logo at the top left corner.

    Energy Star Logo/Home Button Option

  3. Click the Add a Property Button on the top left side.Energy Star Portfolio Manager Add a Property
  4. Select your property type, number of buildings, then mark your building as existing and click Get Started!
  5. Energy Star Portfolio Manager Get Started
  6. Enter in the required property information and click ContinueEnergy Star Portfolio Manager Building Information
  7. Fill in property use details1 and click Add PropertyEnergy Star Portfolio Manager Building Use Details

The steps above have saved your property and taken you to the building view. Step 4b will start on the home page so please click on the Energy Star logo at the top to go back to the Home page.

Step 4b: Add a Meter

Now that we have the building added, we can see it on the home page dashboard. Starting from the home page, we will create the meters.

Please select your Building Name in the dashboard on the bottom-right.

Energy Star Portfolio Manager Home

Follow the steps below to create your energy Meters:

  1. Select the Energy TabEnergy Star Portfolio Manager Energy Tab
  2. Click on any area that says Add a Meter.Energy Star Portfolio Manager Add a Meter
  3. Select your Meter Types and click Get Started! Most Electric meters should be labeled as purchased from the grid.

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Meter Selection

  4. Enter the necessary information, then click Create Meters. 

    The date the meter became active should match the start date of the first bill you enter otherwise it will generate an error.Energy Star Portfolio Manager Meter Information

  5. Select Continue for now, we will add the bills in on Step 4c.

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Bill Entry


  6. Select All Boxes click that it accounts for total energy consumption and click Apply Selection

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Meter Selection

Follow the Steps Below to create your Water Meters:

  1. Select the Water tab


  2. Select one of the areas that has Add a Water Meter.
  3. Select the water meter. Most often it will be Municipally Supplied Potable Water. Then click Get Started!       

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Choose Water Meter

  4. Select and enter the necessary information and click Create Meters
  5. Select Continue

  6. Select the boxes and click Apply SelectionsEnergy Star Portfolio Manager Water Meter Selection
Step 4c : Add Bills

In the last set of instructions, we opted not to add the bills.

If you are an existing user complying for the second, third or so forth time this is the step that you will start with.

Please follow the steps to add bills starting from the Home menu:

  1. Select your Building Name in the dashboard on the bottom-right.

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Home


  2. Select the Energy Tab

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Energy Tab


  3. Select one of the meter names in the table. these reflect the meters you have already created.

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Meter Select

  4. Add in your bills and click Save Bills. Below the image there will be numbers that correspond to the image to help you navigate this page. 

    Energy Star Portfolio Manager Add Statement Info

    1. This drop-down box will allow you to switch between meters

    2. This allows you to change the meter name, type, date it became active and more. It will also let you delete the meter.

    3. The display year filters out entries that are not in the year shown. This defaults to the most recent year with meter entries.

    4. Click this to add an entry. For the ordinance, you need the start date, end date and usage only.

    5. Click Add Another Entry to add another bill.

    6. Save bills will save bills. After clicking this you will always be able to see what you entered when coming back to this page.

Step 5: Use the Data Quality Checker

We will need to make sure that what is entered is correct. There is an error checker that will help us make sure everything is in correctly.

Steps to run error checker starting from Home:

  1. Select your Building from the dashboard.
  2. Energy Star Portfolio Manager Home
  3. Select the Check for Possible Errors button on the lower right-hand side in the summary tab.
  4. Check for Possible Errors
  5. Select Year Ending December 31st 2018 and click Run Checker

    Run Checker

If numbers have populated in the top right that is generally a good sign. If you see NA there is almost definitely something wrong that needs to be addressed.

Step 6: Submit Data

Now that everything is accurate, it will need to be sent to the City. Please follow the steps below to send the completed and accurate information:

  1. Click to Submit Data and it will take you to a new screen in Portfolio Manager (you may be prompted to login after clicking this).

  2. On this form, scroll down to the bottom, select your property and click Generate Response Preview.

    Submit Data Generate Report

  3. This should take you to the Reporting Tab in Portfolio manager (tabs will show MyPortfolio-Sharing-Reporting-Recognition).

  4. Under this tab, there will be a template that says Data Request 2018 Reporting on the drop-down box to the right and click Send Response.

    Send Data

  5. You may come across a page that alerts you of any errors that may be present. Please fix all applicable errors and then proceed to follow steps 1-4 again.

    If this page does not come up, then everything is good and accurate and you should proceed to the next step

    Submit Data Troubleshoot


  6. Lastly, the next page will have you e-sign. Click the I Hereby Certify Box, Enter Username and Password. At this point there should be a green check next to the password box. Click Send Data

    E-sign and Send Data

  7. An email should be sent to you by Energy Star Portfolio Manager to confirm your submittal.

(Optional) Step 7: Common Errors and How to Fix/Prevent Them
  1. Data Not Sent to the City.

    Data entered into Portfolio Manager must also be sent to the City. Step 6 provides instructions on this.

  2. There Is Not a Full Calendar Year of Data.

    Every single day in the specified year must be accounted for. We are currently collecting 2018 data so every single day January 1st- December 31st must be included otherwise we receive it as an error.

  3. Date Meter Became Active.

    When creating meters, there will be a box that says date meter became active. this should be the same as the start date of the first bill you enter for the meter. Other dates will generate an error.

  4. No Meters Selected for Performance Metrics.

    By default meters you create will not be selected as part of the building use metrics. You will need to select the meters that will be included and click that the meters account for the total energy consumption of the building.

  5. New/Inactive Meters Labeled Improperly.

    While less common than the other issues, it is worth mentioning. If your building gets new meters but there is no lapse in service dates, you can continue using the same meter accounts in Portfolio Manager. The issue occurs when new meters are created. New and disabled meters need to be input correctly.

    Old meters must be marked as inactive with an inactive date the same as the end date of the last bill entered. The new meter must have an active date that is the start date of the first bill entered. there should also be no gap between the active and inactive dates of the old and new meters.

For the fastest response, we strongly recommend starting with an email to address any questions. Phone conversations/in-person meetings can be scheduled when requested.


Benchmarking Help Center Contact:


  • Email:
  • Phone: 816-513-3462
  • Postal Address:
      414 E. 12th St
      Kansas City, Missouri 64106
      4th Floor Suite 401