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Benchmarking FAQ

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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are Energy Audits or Retrofits Required?

  • Do I Need to Add my Benchmarking ID to the Property?

  • Do I Need to Add Waste & Materials Meters

  • Do I Need to Enter Storm Water or Wastewater?

  • Does the City Create an Energy Star Portfolio Manager Account for Me?

  • How Do I Delete Meters or Change Meter Information Once It's Been Created

  • I Have a Building Complex Where the Total SQFT Exceeds 50,000 but the Individual Buildings Do Not. Am I Required to Comply with the Energy Empowerment Ordinance?

  • I Need to Add in Another Property Type After Initially Creating My Building.

  • I Need to ask a Portfolio Manager Representative for Help, How do I do This?

  • I Need to Change Property Use Metrics Such as Number of Computers, How do I do That?

  • My Water Bill does not state the units of measure. How do I know what units to enter.

  • Ownership changed mid-year, how do we go about submitting.

  • Should I Enter my Building as Single or Campus

  • What Fields do I Need to Put in From My Utility Statement?

  • What Happens if my property is generating an error?

  • What if I do not Know a Specific Metric Such as Number of Computers or Year Built?

  • What is Considered Evidence for Changes or One-Year Exemption?

  • What is Energy Star Certification and Do I Need to Apply?

  • What Reasons May I be Exempt From Reporting and, if applicable, How can I apply for the Exemption?

  • What Trainings are Available?