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Published Data

  • The City of Kansas City Missouri is required to publish energy and water data of buildings 10,000 SQFT or greater.
  • Building owners with buildings greater than 50,000 SQFT also need to submit their energy and water information.
  • Data is to be reported by May 1st of each calendar year and will cover the entire span of the prior year.

2015 Data (2015 City-Owned Buildings)

2016 Data (2016 City-Owned Buildings)

2017 Data (2017 City-Owned Buildings and 2017 Non-City-Owned Buildings >100,000 GFA)

2018 City-Owned and 2018 Non-City-Owned

Annual Reports

  • Per the Energy Empowerment Ordinance, the director will publish a report of statistics and trends by December 31 of each year. 
  • These reports do not single out any particular building unless authorization is given by the owner or authorized agent.
  • Data is collected for the year prior to reporting.

2016 Report

2017 Report

2018 Report

2019 Report