Homesteading - Donate Property

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The Homesteading Authority may accept offers from property owners who wish to donate property to the Homesteading Authority when:

  1. The property owner does not have the resources to properly care for the property or to comply with orders to correct code violations that are present and evidence of the hardship has been presented.
  2. There are either:
    a) no delinquent taxes owed for the property, or
    b) arrangements are made to pay the taxes by a purchaser of the property following demolition or abatement actions, or
    c) Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority has agreed to receive the property to eliminate the delinquent taxes with subsequent transfer to the Homesteading Authority.
  3. There is a written agreement with an owner of an adjoining property to purchase the property from the Homesteading Authority, generally following demolition, nuisance abatement or similar actions.
  4. The property is located in an area targeted for redevelopment efforts.
  5. The City of Kansas City has agreed to fund the demolition, nuisance abatement, or similar action that may be needed.
  6. The donation offer is accompanied with a cash donation to provide funding for repair or demolition.
  7. The Land Bank of Kansas City, Missouri is not yet operational or there is a strategic benefit to the Homesteading Authority to accept the property instead of the Land Bank.
  8. A phase I environmental assessment is completed prior to the donation if deemed warranted.
  9. The Director is authorized to accept offers of donated property following the criteria described above.

Communication regarding offers to donate property that describes the offer and satisfaction of the factors will be distributed to the full Board at least one week prior to the acceptance of the offer. If during this period a Board member questions the acceptance of the offer, the decision will be deferred until the offer can be discussed and approved or rejected at the next Board meeting.

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