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The properties below are being sold As Is.  The purchaser will need to prove that they have the ability to complete all necessary repairs within a reasonable time-frame. Please read the policies and procedures for information on who may submit offers for properties and conditions that may be placed on the sale.  offers must include an itemized list of repairs, an outline of how the repairs will be financed, how soon the repairs will be done, what will happen to the property once the repairs are done and what amount (minimum $200) is offered for acquisition of the property. Offers that result in owner-occupancy are preferred. Contact the Homesteading Authority at 816-513-9020 to obtain the form for submitting an offer, or download the appropriate offer form:

Please call 816-513-9020 to arrange for an interior inspection of listed houses.


2513 Spruce

2 bedroom 1 bath single family home


4144 Brooklyn Ave. house

Single family home that contains 907 sq ft and was built in 1920. It contains 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom

4325 Flora Ave
2 bedroom one bath in Ivanhoe neighborhood built in 1914. It has approx. 837 sq feet of living space.
6301 East 35th Terrace

2 bedroom 1 bathroom. Built in 1925 in the Leeds area. Approximately 935 sq. feet of interior space.