The KCMO Business Customer Service Center (KC BizCare) is a free business resource, advocacy and information center for new and existing businesses operating within the City. KC Bizcare provides our customers with information and assistance in understanding and complying with City, state and federal requirements for operating a business.

Services provided include:

  • Business specific checklists of the steps necessary to open for business.
  • Information and referrals to City departments, agencies and partnering organizations involved in regulation of or assistance to business.
  • Guidance and assistance for businesses in understanding and navigating the City’s regulatory licensing, permitting and approval processes.
  • Advocacy between businesses and City departments to coordinate business-related concerns.
  • Monitoring the status of our customers’ progress through follow-up calls and monitoring application submittals to departments and agencies.
  • Streamlining initiatives to remove barriers to entry and systemic issues that impede a business’s ability to grow.
  • Public access to City computers, allowing customers to look up property and zoning information, access records, submit online applications and access other services.

Contact Information

KC Bizcare
1118 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone: 816-513-BIZCare (2492)

Business License and Earnings Tax Questions
Phone: 816-513-1120
Email: or