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Startup in Residence (STIR) Program

2019-2020 Cohort

The City is partnering with City Innovate to sponsor the Startup in Residence (“STIR”) Program that connects City departments with innovative technology startups for a 16-week voluntary in residence period to develop technology-based solutions that address challenges facing City government.

Kansas City established InnovateKC, formally known as the Innovation Partnership Program (IPP) in July 2013 through an Administrative Regulation (AR 3-27, 7/23/13) in order to engage the startup community in Kansas City and develop, test and demonstrate innovative solutions to city operational problems.

The STIR Program intends to bridge this gap by connecting public-sector agencies directly with technology entrepreneurs to seed product development that is specifically tailored to address public sector needs. With thousands of policy challenges, government has the potential to support a large ecosystem of best-of-breed technology solutions helping catalyze public sector innovation and technology.

The program is designed to be mostly remote, unless required by the department. The City does require startups to meet in person with the departmental heads, project managers, and other City partners at a minimum of two times during the residency: once in January for a scoping session and once towards the end of residency. Teams will decide when the additional in-person meetings will be in the Scope of Work.

The InnovateKC program does not offer financial compensation for startups testing their beta staged products and services in the City of Kansas City, Missouri or any of the participating authorities. A contract with the City could be potentially signed after the 16-week Residency.

The Residency finishes with a Demo Day. Upon completion of the 16 weeks, there is a presentation made, 5 - 10 minutes from each business on what they learned from working with the City, how the technology or service improved a challenge for City Hall and other lessons learned. Mayor, City Manager, the selection committee, and the business community will be invited to attend.