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Neighborhood Recognition Program

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The purpose of the KC Green Neighborhood Recognition Program is to recognize those neighborhoods that have implemented sustainable practices within their community. Communities that embrace sustainability have found ways to improve their neighborhood by reducing waste generated, air pollution, stormwater runoff, energy costs and transportation costs, while also providing greater access to local foods for local residents. These benefits and the strategies to achieve them should be recognized in the hopes that those efforts would both inspire others to incorporate sustainability into their neighborhoods, and provide an easy marker for those residents looking for neighborhoods that have incorporated sustainability into their unique character.

Benefits to the Neighborhood

Those neighborhoods that are awarded a KC Green Neighborhood designation are provided the following benefits:

Neighborhood recognition – The neighborhood and its sustainable practices will be featured on Channel 2, highlighted in the biannual publication KCMOre, and posted on the KC Green web page. In addition, the neighborhood will be provided KC Green street sign toppers (pictured). The street sign toppers are placed on top of existing streets signs to indicate that the neighborhood is a KC Green Neighborhood.

Clinics and workshops – Residents of KC Green Neighborhoods will be provided free access to clinics and workshops to help continue and or/maintain their progress toward a sustainable neighborhood. Topics may include: rain barrel design and construction; home energy efficiency; tree selection, planting and maintenance; and rain gardens.

KC Green Neighborhood eco-gift – The neighborhood may select an eco-gift to benefit its residents. Eco-gifts include rain barrels, recycle bins, reusable grocery bags, an electric lawn mower and garden tools, among others.

Application Process

The KC Green Neighborhood Recognition Program will accept applications April 22 through July 31. Download the application.

The City of Kansas City, Missouri administers the application and awards process. The application must be completed and submitted by one of the following methods:

  • Emailed to; or
  • Printed and mailed to:
    City of Kansas City, MO
    Office of Environmental Quality
    414 E. 12th St., Suite 2404
    Kansas City, MO 64106

Applicants may be visited by the selection team to observe and document sustainable practices identified in the application. Results of the applications will be announced in August.

Questions regarding the application may be submitted to or (816) 513-3460.


Any active/registered City of Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood/homeowners association is eligible to apply.

Register or renew your neighborhood’s registration.


The City of Kansas City, Missouri will evaluate and score received applications. Those neighborhoods that are chosen to be a KC Green Neighborhood will be designated a Silver, Gold or Platinum level. KC Green Neighborhood designations are retained for three years, after which, the neighborhood will be required to reapply.

There is no predetermined number of awards.

Previous NRP recipients: Avalon View, Ivanhoe, Pendleton Heights, Center City, Manheim Park and Westside Housing Organization (all silver level).