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The 5 R's of Waste Management

  1. Refuse (What you don't need)
  2. Reduce (what you do need)
  3. Reuse (by using what you have)
  4. Recycle (what you can)
  5. Rot (compost the rest)

3 simple ways to reduce plastics/waste

  1. When shopping for nuts, oats, grains and other dry foods, check out your local grocers' bulk food section and bring your own jars/food container to fill.
  2. Avoid using single-use disposable plastics as much as possible including
Avoid  Bring Instead
 Plastic Silverware  Re-Usable Silverware
 Plastic Straws  Stainless Steel Straw or do Without When Possible.
 Plastic to-go containers  Reusable Containers
 Plastic Bags  Reusable Bags
 Plastic Water Bottles  Washable Plastic Bottles From Home

 3. Try wrapping food leftovers in a more sustainable wrap that isn't from plastic, cling wrap.

The best thing to wrap foods in is beeswax wrap. It is widely available online and even in some grocers.

Did you know that you can recycle aluminum foil if it is rinsed and dried? This is the next-best alternative for replacing plastic, cling wrap.

Reusable Items to Carry With You

Consider leaving these items in a bag you travel with

 Refillable water Bottle
 Food container for Take-out
 Reusable Grocery Bag
 Stainless Steel Straws