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For the last year, micromobility companies BirdRideKC Bike & Scooter and  Spin operated in KCMO providing an important transportation mode for residents and visitors. This pilot program officially extended for one-year, starting May 1, 2020.  

Download the Scooter and e-Bike fact sheet.

Read the 2019-2020 Pilot Program annual report summary.

Program Background 

The City created the scooter and e-bike pilot program in 2019 as an innovative way to provide additional modes of transportation for residents and visitors while also providing data and other information to City staff.

Lessons learned from year one:

  • Scooters and e-Bikes are a valuable and important mode of transportation in KCMO
  • Micromobility parking hubs accomplish multiple goals: provide start/end of trip facilities and free up space on the sidewalk. Three hubs were built in the last year at 13th and Grand, 19th and Baltimore, and 18th and Oak.
  • Direct resident engagement and outreach events are effective in talking to people about scooter safety and micromobility options. And these efforts work well in partnership with the scooter and e-Bike companies. Nearly 30 events were held during the pilot program.
  • KCMO residents rode 374,154 trips during the pilot program for a total of 408,610 miles!
  • Most popular ridership corridors include: River Market, Downtown, Crossroads, Plaza, and UMKC Campus
  • Life X summary: despite achieving fleet deployment requirements in LifeX areas, ridership in LifeX zip codes remained low. Direct outreach and partnership with social service providers to enroll residents in equity programming proves to be a promising solution to increase ridership in LifeX zip codes and will be a chief focus in the pilot extension.
  • The pilot program generated $214,388.02 in fees

Using Scooters Screenshot (153)

  • People should ride in the streets, or in bike lanes where available.
  • Do not ride on sidewalks. Riding a scooter (classified as a motorized vehicle) on a sidewalk is in violation of KCMO ordinance 70-253: No person shall drive any vehicle other than by human power upon a sidewalk, sidewalk area, park or public property, except upon a permanent or duly authorized temporary driveway.
  • Use of a helmet is encouraged.
  • Don’t park scooters where they block access to sidewalks or building entrances. Please park them near existing bike racks or in a micromobility hub when available.

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View APIs for real-time data on scooters and e-bikes.