Scooter & E-Bike Equity Programming

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We are committed to providing scooters and e-bikes as a mode of transportation for everyone in KCMO. This means not only placing devices in high-ridership areas, but strategically deploying scooters and bikes in all parts of KCMO, intentional outreach with community partners to promote and engage residents in the program, and working with the providers to continually improve the program.

Scooter & E-Bike Provider Equity Programs:

To learn more about or enroll in equity programming, visit:

  • RideKCBike & Scooter: Bike Share for All Program
    • Individuals who rely upon needs-based services are able to sign up for an annual membership of just $10 through participating partner organizations. 
    • Users can sign up using any of the current methods of payment, as well as pre-paid credit or debit cards for users who are unbanked.
  • Bird Access Program
    • Unlimited, 30-minute rides for $5/month for anyone currently enrolled in or eligible for state or federal assistance programs
    • Options available for folks with no credit card or smartphone access
    • Download the Bird Access Program Fact Sheet
  • SPIN Access Program
    • 50% discount on scooter rides for eligible residents
    • Options available for folks with no smartphone or credit card access
    • Download the SPIN Access Program Fact Sheet

Equity Performance Metrics: 

We are tracking a variety of factors to ensure that scooter and e-bike providers are meeting equity requirements in the pilot program.

  • Enrollment of not less than 75 individuals in LifeX equity programming 
  • Deployment of not less than 5% of daily vehicle fleets in LifeX zip codes
  • Trip numbers in LifeX zip codes (including trips that start or end in LifeX zip codes),
  • Equity program enrollment numbers,
  • Number of rides taken by riders enrolled in equity programs,
  • A report detailing outreach with organizations to increase enrollment in equity programs
  • Incentives to support the LifeX requirements whereby vendors are not charged the device per day fee
  • Community engagement initiatives and partnerships with community service organizations

What are the LifeX Zip Codes? 

LifeX Zip Codes are zip codes within the City with the lowest life expectancies. 

While these Zip Codes are subject to change, they currently consist of: 64126, 64127, 64128, 64129, 64130, 64131, and 64132.