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Keep Out the Rain Program

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While some of the safety and health concerns have subsided, there are also financial impacts associated with COVID-19, and KC Water will continue to maintain a temporary hold on the Keep Out the Rain program until those are behind us.

Did you know your sewer connections could be contributing to overflows and backups in your neighborhood? Certain connections are prohibited by City law because they place a burden on the City’s sanitary sewer system. Fixing these allows rainwater to flow naturally to storm sewers and waterways, rather than into sanitary sewers. This makes them rain ready and helps reduce sewer backups in basements along with several other problems.

Get Rain Ready with Keep Out the Rain

Keep Out the Rain is a limited-time program to help residents find and fix prohibited connections–all for free. In addition to bringing you peace of mind, your participation helps reduce future wastewater treatment costs and basement backups in your neighborhood, making our entire community rain ready.

How Does it Work?

Our professional team will visit your home to conduct a 15-minute Sewer Connection Check-up to find connections that allow rainwater into the sanitary sewer system. If we identify a connection that should be fixed, KC Water will pay for a licensed, pre-qualified plumber to do the work for free!

Is My Participation Required?

In 2015, the Kansas City Council passed Ordinance No. 150452 which prohibits the direct connection of downspouts, sump pumps or any other drainage mechanisms to the City’s sanitary sewer system. Your property may be a possible source for this type of prohibited connection. If so, the Keep Out the Rain program will find and fix them for free.

Is My Property Eligible?

Enter your address below to see if your property is eligible for Keep Out the Rain, and to learn when we will be working in your area. Or call us at (816) 513-0200 or send us an email.

Keep Out the Rain is one piece of Kansas City’s largest infrastructure investment, the Smart Sewer program: KC Water's 25-year, $4.5-5 billion effort to reduce sewer overflows and improve water quality in our region for generations to come. Your help in making your property rain ready is an essential part of helping meet the requirements of Kansas City’s federal Consent Decree.