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 “Speak Easy, because being heard shouldn’t be hard.”

When you see this logo and tagline, it’s your opportunity to give us feedback on important issues.

Kansas City residents want and deserve to be heard at City Hall.

Only 29% of you feel satisfied that you have an “opportunity to engage inSpeakEasy_withtagline decisions” made by city leaders and staff, according to our Resident Satisfaction Survey. Maybe as a result, you also rate engagement as the city’s the most important communications priority.

That’s why we’ve created a way to increase community engagement. We want to build a better relationship with you, be more inclusive, and make better policy decisions.

We’ve branded it with a catchy name to focus attention on the importance of listening to residents. We are creating a process to improve the feedback loop – so that we do a better job of telling you when and how we use your input, and that we make sure decision-makers receive your ideas, comments and suggestions.

This website has an improved events calendar, so that you can see when we have meetings or events when you can show up to participate and to provide input.

Also, be sure to check other areas of the “Talk To Us” section of the website to see how you can let us know how you feel.